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Our Journey

Founded by two brothers - We wanted to achieve something truly unique while keeping to our core values and roots that have been developing for over 30 years. We are continuously striving to maintain our Southern California roots as well as our family ties and country roots to Texas in all of our designs.

Experience our natural take with one of a kind wooden sunglass styles. Being eco-friendly and making the effort to ensure our materials are ethically sourced is at our core. We take pride in instilling unique head turning styles and providing a quality product for everyone to enjoy.

Fashion statements don't need to cost $400 dollars... We have sourced our materials and the manufacurers, keeping our core values solidified through the entire process. With Organic Optics, you get an amazing shades that is protective to your eyes even on the brightest, most intense sun-drenged days. We triple check each pair of sunglasses, only shipping out finished product that is 100% free of defects to our customers.


Our Mission

Create an amazing product, that will impress everyone around you. Keeping ethically sourced materials at our core.

our materials

We use a variety of materials to create our shades. We are also always researching different types of natural woods that we can use to design different styles.

Things We Do

Sourcing eco-friendly manufactures, eco-friendly materials, ensuring quality assurance is performed on all our products.

These sunglasses are definitely for someone that wants to try something new, something they haven't seen before at their local stores, something that they can wear and get questions about where they got these from.

Brandon R. - Owner / President

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