Posted on by Brandon Riddle

You can't get around that most people, in every country in the world relies on wood products in some fashion. Everything from tables and chairs to shoes to floors, there are a ton of products out there are are created with wood. The question is where does wood come from? Well, it comes from a forest, somewhere on the planet!


There are a couple different types of forests out there. A lot of forests belong and are owned privately. This means these owners can do what they want on their land. These lands all grow trees, that is a given and these trees produce some kind of wood. Some forests are large, some are small, some are growing more trees and some are going to disappear for ever.



According to In 1907 the area of the forest land was 34% of the total land area in the United States was forest. In 1997 33% of the total land area in the United States was forest. This shows stability in the use of forest land, 7% of this land is reserved forest e.g federal and state parks/wilderness. Some of this stability is deceiving in the fact that, some forest land ultimately gets reduced by urban development, some of it is clear cut for agriculture in-devours. Other factors are direct human integration (humans moving into the forest), ages of the forest (trees are dying and potentially not replenishing by re-seeding or other natural process that can and will happen).



One of the main ways is for privately owned forests is for privately owned forests that can cover thousands of acres, especially the ones that lease out their land to the timber industry is to make a conscious effort replant the trees that are cut down. By replanting cut down trees, new trees and vegetation can erupt on the land. People need trees, not just for oxygen, but for all the products that most humans rely on. For example, in Asia huge bamboo forests for cultivated and cut on average every 3 years. Bamboo is a huge wooden resource that can be ready for a harvest within 3 years of planting them. By paying close attention to when trees get planted and how long it takes to cut other areas of the land, a sustainability within the land can be reached.

By actively going in to areas where a fire had burnt everything in site to the ground or where humans have laid way to much concrete for their needs. It costs next to nothing to plant a tree (maybe a dollar)? Groups of people such as who are dedicated to replenishing our nations forests are at the front lines. If a natural diasater strikes a certain area, you can be sure they will be on the ground, ensuring our future generations can enjoy the natural beauty. If considerable action isn't taken now, tomorrow will be at a lose for what use to be.